"GBG Dance Festival" | Göteborg | Sweden

"Outbox Me" | Superdry store, Cafe Kranzler | Berlin

"Liebesleben" by Gretchens Antwort | Pfefferberg Theatre | Berlin


"Debris" Dancefilm collaboration with Zentire Music Production

"Liebesleben" by Gretchen's Antwort | Pfefferberg Theatre | Berlin

"Chor@Berlin" by Gretchen's Antwort | Radialsystem V | Berlin


"If I Die Tonight I Want You To Know" | Music video for LNOE






"Invisible Force" Balettakademiens Summer Happening | Stockholm, Sweden


"Lindansaren" | Music video for Mikael Wiehe's


"So Dreamy" | dance film collaboration with Qazim Gashi and Johny Venegas





"Draw" at Choreographers Ball | TAK Theatre | Berlin