7th - 8th December



Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin


Pi is a performance created by Petricore Movement and Zentire Music. With the two newest pieces “Dim 4” and “Debris” dance blends with acrobatics in a very unique way. Together with the orchestral tunes composed by Patrick Zy tune you are being brought into the world of movement.

Dim 4


What is time? Is it possible to be present physically while being somewhere else in ones mind? Different views of the same moment, that brings conflict, love, anger and empathy. A travel through our minds, decided by time and space.


Choreography: Anna Holmström


Composer: Patrick Zylka


Dancers: Wanda Berntsson

Rebecka Jonsson

Lydia Gelang

Elin Eriksson

Lovisa Widerberg





The beauty and power of our ocean is almost impossible to describe with words. Moving through the deepest parts of the ocean and soaring over the greatest waves. But there’s a new animal swimming in the water. Plastics. In 50 years the oceans could contain more plastic than fish.


Choreography: Anna Holmström


Composer: Patrick Zylka


Costume: Milena Dehnavi