Petricore Movement is an artistic platform founded by Anna Holmström in 2015, with its base between Stockholm and Berlin. Through collaborations with international artists she creates performances, exhibitions and short-films on the topics of  environmental- and mental health.

“The word Petrichor describes the pleasant scent which accompanies the first rain after a period of warm, dry weather. 
Imagine walking outside after a heavy rain and thunderstorm, filling your lungs with the fresh air.  into a feeling, a structure, a touch.
Something awakes, an eagerness to explore, express and exchange. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Anna Holmström 



Anna Holmström Choreographer Berlin Neue Kammerchor Berlin

06-07.07.2024 | GRENZENLOS

The New Chamber Choir Berlin presents a special musical program with an exciting thematic focus! Together with professional dancers from Petricore Movement, we will be exploring the importance of physical, mental and emotional boundaries and needs in an innovative concept concert and involving the audience. 

The concert evening will be introduced by a short impulse workshop by movement artist & researcher Paula Kramer, in which we invite you to approach the theme of the evening yourself under professional guidance. The impulse workshop is included in the concert ticket and participation is of course voluntary.

Artistic leader: Adrian Emans
Choreography: Anna Holmström
Dancers: Lisa Ennauoi and Tamae Yoneda

Dates: 6-7 July 2024



26.03.2024 | HÄR OCH NU

Anna has choreographed the piece “Här och nu”, commissioned for Balettakademien Stockholm and the spring performance RANT! which was performed by the professional education year 2.

Dates: 31 May – 2nd June Venue: Dieselverkstaden, Sickla


Photographer: Johannes Hjort


Queens Of Unwanted Things has been selected to be screened at “Screendance Festival” at Dansmuseet Stockholm in April.

Dates: 29th April 2024

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28.08.2023 | MÖTET

Mötet is an improvised, composed and choreographed  pop-up performance with dance and saxophone!

In September of 2023 an initial research residency was arranged in Hällefors, Sweden. In this residency Anna and Erika from the professional industry as well as a newly graduated Lotta Asmyhr and local dance enthusiast Saga Immonen met to explore the topic “Mötet” ( swedish for meetings ).

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Anna Holmström Message In A Bottle

30.04.2023 | MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – TOUR 2023-2024

Sadler’s Wells and Universal Music UK present Message In A Bottle, the breathtaking new dance-theatre production by triple Olivier Award nominee, Kate Price, to the music of 17-time Grammy Award winner, Sting.

Anna is really excited to return and perform in Message In A Bottle in the role as the mother Gaia. for the 2023 -2024 world tour!

Upcoming countries are:
Australia – at the Sydney Opera House
The Neterherlands
North America 

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“Choose life, choose love, choose hope.”

“The peaceful village of Bebko is alive with joyous celebrations. Suddenly, under attack, everything changes forever. Three siblings, Leto, Mati and Tana, must embark on perilous journeys in order to survive.


Anna was invited to participate in a crossover dance battle and perform a short version of her solo Debris at UBUNTU CONNECTION in Leipzig.

16 dancers and circus artists joined together for a weekend of exchange, dance and UBUNTU! The event was created by Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and Jasmin Blümel-Hillebrand and produced by Euro-Szene Leipzig

The inspiring approach of “ubuntu” embodies the desire for a constructive fundamental attitude based on respect, empathy, participation, change and hope. This human attitude to a collective worldview has great relevance in many countries in sub-Sahara Africa and is unified in the single word “Ubuntu”, which can originally be found in the Bantu languages of the Zulu and Xhosa: “A human becomes human through other humans.



21.06.2022 | BRITA

During 4 weeks Anna has been working as a dancer in the production BRITA, choreographed by Erika O’Neill.

How strong can a woman be? Is a woman’s strength limited by centuries of shapes and structures? How do we break out of a culture of distorted ideals? What is femininity and what would the woman’s reality look like if templates were never formed and boundaries were never drawn?

The dance performance ‘BRITA!’ invites you to a reality where women don’t have to wrestle because they have to, but because they want to. A parallel universe where women are allowed to be all they can be, without limitations of norms, structures, filters or ideals. With lively dancing, powerful wrestling and swinging “Folktronic”, the boundaries are blurred and make room for complete raw power. A physical tribute to the primal female power. A scenery of freshly pressed ‘Girl Power’, where the dancers break down the word `feminine’ with rawness and build it up with capital letters of muscle, sweat and poise.


Between 9th-22nd June Anna and the composer Patrick Zylka from Zentire Music has had a residency at Hällefors Kulturskola, Sweden.

They have been working on a new solo performance named BEFORE, and will finish off the residency with a work in progress viewing.

Date: 21.06.2022
Time: 15.30-16.00
Place: Hällefors Kulturskola

More information about the performance here:

Dans Middag Örebro Län Anna Holmström

21.06.2022 | DANS & MIDDAG

A day of  danceworskhops, food and discussion for professional dancers in Örebro Län, Sweden.

The day is arranged by Region Örebro, Kulturrådet – projekt Ansats, Hällefors kommun, Hällefors kulturskola, Petricore Movement, Zentire Music and Gala Dance Bergslagen.

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Anna Holmström Balettakademien Stockholm education

03.06  &  05.06.2022 MIND THE GAP – Dieselverskaden

Anna has choreographed the piece “What could have been” for the spring performance for year 2 of Balettakademiens professional dance education.

Photographer: Maja Dahlbäck

Anna Holmström dance

16.05  & 20.05.2022 | CONTEMPORARY  WORKSHOP with Anna

Anna will be teaching  contemporary drop in classes at Diambra, Stockholm.

Monday 16th May | Time: 20.30-22.00

 Friday 20th May | Time: 18.20-19.50

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Photographer: Håkan Larsson
Credit: Diambra C.A.M

09.05 – 12.05.2022 | CONTEMPORARY  WORKSHOP with Anna

Anna will be teaching the daily professional contemporary classes at
Balettakademien Sthlm from Monday 9th May – Thursday 12th of May.
Time: 12.00-13.30

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Photographer: Johannes Hjort


01.02 & 03.02.2022 | BACK ON TRACK – a research project

BACK ON TRACK is an open research on the topic of how to re-enter movement practise while recovering from a knee injury, within the fields of contemporary dance & breaking. In addition Anna will also perform admin work for her creative platform Petricore Movement

Between February 1st to 30th June Anna has been granted a research grant funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media ( BKM ) in the program NEUSTART KULTUR, aid program DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Follow her journey through the next months here


01.02 & 03.02.2022  | CONTEMPORARY  WORKSHOP with Anna

Anna will be teaching the daily professional contemporary classes at
Marameo  on Tuesday 1st and Thursday 3rd of February between

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06.12.2021 | CREATIVE LABORATORY with Khoudia Toure

In 2021 Anna was granted an international exchange grant from the Swedish Arts Grants committe  ( Konstnärsnämnden ). For the the exchange she invited Khoudia Toure from Dakar, Senegal to work on a short dance film as well as teaching workshops in Stockholm, Sweden.
12 dancers with 8 different dancestyles participated and it was an evening full of sweat, exchange and dance!

To further the cultural exchange between Senegal and Sweden we decided to highlight and share information about Association Maggando and the Food for Thought Project.

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