Dive into Debris, a mesmerizing dance performance that melds oceanic beauty with urgent environmental consciousness.

Through contemporary dance, flexibility acrobatics, evocative music and immersive visuals, the poignant struggle between the ‘big blue’ and insidious plastic pollution is revealed. Debris beckons audiences of all ages, echoing a vital call to protect our oceans. Immerse yourself, reflect, and join the movement for a sustainable future.

Petricore Movement
Zentire Music

Jessica Engberg

Choreographer & Dancer
Anna Holmström

Patrick Zylka

Video Designer
Anna Holmström

Production Manager and Relighter
Marius Arnold Clarke

20 min

X-Tract Tour: Gothenburg, Uddevalla & Mölnlycke – 2018
Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm – 2019
Taggad Festivalen, Hällefors – 2023

Block Party, Boulder – Aug 2018

Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin – Dec 2018 & May 2019
Ubuntu Festival, Euro-scene Leipzig – Leipzig 2022

Manon Bardou Festival, Tonneins – 2019

1st place at “Open Your Mind” showcase competition in London 2019

Anna Holmström Debris

In Debris, performed solely by Holmström, a piece of plastic takes on a sublime, airy quality as she dances with it. The piece is about the beauty of the ocean, which is becoming suffocated by plastics, and indeed we genuinely become worried for the dancer as she becomes more and more entangled in it. But the emotion that lingers is  the one of sadness that we see in the long, still moments on the dancers face.

– Englishman in Berlin