Mötet is an improvised, composed and choreographed  pop-up performance with dance and saxophone!

In September of 2023 an initial research residency was arranged in Hällefors, Sweden. In this residency Anna and Erika from the professional industry as well as a newly graduated Lotta Asmyhr and local dance enthusiast Saga Immonen met to explore the topic “Mötet” ( swedish for meetings ).

Where are the physical meeting spots today?

How can we get people to once again look up from their phones, see each other and dare to meet in the unplanned? To exchange a glance, a laugh and a sense of being part of a community?

How can we use improvisation to reflect the surroundings in the moment of acting through music and dance? 

How can we use the possibilities of the countryside to create new formats for rehearsal and performance spaces?

How can we reach people that normally wouldn’t go to conventional cultural venues?

From this exploration the idea and structure for a pop-up performance was developed. An performance that needs no technical equipment and can be performed outdoors for example in townsquares, on schoolyards or in an office, supermarket.

Mötet is created by Anna Holmström, Petricore Movement and Erika Lindholm and supported by  Region Örebro län, Ansats, Hällefors kommun, Hällefors kulturskola and Kulturrådet.

Special thanks to Bredsjö Kulturkooperativ och Södra Hyttan.

Petricore Movement
Erika Lindholm

Anna Holmström

Composer & Musician
Erika Lindholm

Anna Holmström

15-20 min

Technical reqiurements

Camera and edit: Anna Holmström
Music: Erika Lindholm 

Supported by
Region Örebro län – Ansats
Hällefors kommun
s kulturskola

Thank you
Bredsjö Kulturkooperativ
Södra Hyttan