Frozen in time. The goddess of fire and the goddess of ice in search of way to unite.
Heat melts ice into water and water kills the flame.
What’s left, only the dream of what could have been.

Fire and Ice illustrates the longing for bringing two opposites together. In different layers within ourselves, between different people and between human and earth.

Through dance, camera, music and costume-design the different artistic layers merges. The dancers becomes one with the natural landscape, as well as the leftovers traces from human kind. The costume design, made by Anna Holmström, is created by recycled materials such as an old lamp-shade and overhead plastics. The music, composed by Patrick Zylka, draws you into a timeless world that brings together the future, present and past.

Artistic Director
Anna Holmström

Patrick Zylka

Camera & Costume design
Anna Holmström

Wanda Berntsson
Mona Namér