Queens of Unwanted Things is a captivating exhibit comprising film, photography, and costume design that confronts nature’s litter issue.

Witness the mesmerizing transition from summer’s lush greens to autumn’s fiery reds and winter’s snowy embrace.Delve into the profound dialogue on human impact, transforming trash into innovation. Dancers intertwine location and seasons, channeling music and nature through movement. Costumes, crafted from repurposed materials such as newspapers and plastics, breathing new life into the discarded.

Explore the film’s 12 diverse, skilled female dancers, challenging societal perceptions of age and wisdom. Queens of Unwanted Things reshapes perspectives, celebrating intrinsic worth over superficial judgments.

Production Company
Petricore Movement

Anna Holmström

Patrick Zylka
Zentire Music

Costume Designer
Anna Holmström

Assistant Costume Designer
Nina Fagerholm

Movement Director
Anna Holmström

Assistant On Set
Rebecka Jonsson

Rebecka Jonsson
Kitty Chan
Lydia Gelang
Wanda Berntsson
Elin Lindberg
Linnéa Hult
Mona Namér
Anna-Karin Åberg
Tilda Kristiansson
Elin Eriksson
Emma Berg
Wilma Wictorin

The edititorial work of “Queens of Unwanted Things”  has been supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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