Unfold takes you on a journey through the subconscious.
A healing place opens up, somewhere between dream and wakefulness, and provides space for emotion, interaction, reflection and recovery.

With the format of an exhibition, Unfold becomes  a collage of dance, film, visual art, music, text and costume design.

Unfold highlights the theme of mental health; How can we cope with the highs and lows in  life? What makes us feel whole?

By using recycled materials in the visual works of art and costume design, the old and broken are given a new life and higher value than before. Can we as humans use the same mindset to heal invisible scars from our past?

Petricore Movement
Co production: Dansens Hus
With support from: Swedish Arts Grants Committe
                                          Region Örebro

Choreography & Dance:
Wanda Berntsson
Rebecka Jonsson
Anna Holmström
Khoudia Touré
Mona Namér

Patrick Zylka

Collage Artworks:
Mona Namér

Film & photography series:
Anna Holmström

Costume design:
Anna Holmström