What could have been Anna Holmström 2
What could have been Anna Holmström



The distance between train and platform exists due to a choice. A choice based on mathematical calculations for the train to arrive at the station without getting destroyed by the sharp edge of the platform.

What could have been examines the topic of choice on another kind of platform: social media. What drives people to act on these platforms? Is it facts, fate, peer pressure or chance that determine which side we choose take in a conflict? Is it possible not to take a stand, to remain in the gap between two different opinions or does it mean that you have indirectly chosen a side

Choreographer, dance film & animations:
Anna Holmström

Ass. choreographer:
Maja Dahlbäck

Rehearsal assistant:
Adrienne Åbjörn

Year 2 from the professional dance education Balettakademien Stockholm

03.06.2022 at Dieselverkstaden, Nacka